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Ashish Pandey

To all college & school frnds… :):)

Kuch lines jo hum future me definitely miss karenge ::

*Coming coleg/skul….?*
… …
*Where r u….?*

*Canteen chale….!*

*Kitna hua saale….*

*Yaar Aaj saala alarm hi nai baja….*

*ARE u ok….??*

*Class attend karni h kya….?*


*Abe kitna padha ..*

*Oye kisme se padu yaar kuch samajh hi nhi aa rha..*

*Imp. Ques. ho to send karna….*

*farre(chits) bana le kutte….*

*chal saale!!!…Hmesha main hi party du….?*

*Sare pictures send kar….*

*Jaldi bol yaar balnce kam hai….*


*Yaar tere frnd se meri setting kara naa….*

BEST ONE **yaar chalna BUNK maarte hain…??


Ashish pandey

Want to know about fishing links in Facebook..

do you know what is Fishing??
if no then ask me.. otherwise I’m sharing a trick to Beware form hacker..
If anyone send you Link for Login then first login with incorrect ID and 
password if this page redirect to your home without showing any error about 
incorrect password then it is A fishing link.. and if it shows error then it means that this link is not a Fishing site and you can Login to This link..

tell me that is this trick is help full for you …
And if you dont now about fishing then pleaes ask in Comments..

Ashish pandey

How to Bypass GMail Mobile Verification:-

Here’s my way to bypass gmail’s mobile verification on sign up form !!

Full up the details correctly but enter wrong captcha 3 times

and in 4th try enter the correct captcha and accept the conditions and all Done !!

gmail account is ready without mobile verification

ashish pandey

In the digital age, businesses need to become more conscious of other forms of media which they could be utilising to increase conversions and encourage brand loyalty. Tough economic situations mean that businesses have to work harder than ever before to gain custom, and engaging with potential customers is vital to ensure that you are not missing out on valuable sales.
One of the best ways to appeal to visitors is by using promotional or viral online videos. New advances mean that online video is more accessible than ever before. Nearly all internet users now have fast broadband internet access so websites can feature more interactive and dynamic content which engages users much more than reams of text. It’s not just about putting videos on your website to promote your brand however, due to the rise of viral marketing. This form of marketing involves promoting your business with interesting and often quirky content that consumers will want to share through social media or social bookmarking websites. Using videos can also help you with your SEO as it is generally easier to get videos to rank, so there are many ways that online video can get you found and engage with your customers.
As well as watching videos on their laptop or PC, viewing content on portable devices such as smartphones and tablet computers is also becoming more popular. Many companies don’t have a website optimised for viewing on a smaller screen and when you are considering using online video on your site you should also make sure that it is able to be watched on these devices by making it mobile-friendly.
Businesses from all industries can benefit from online video as it is so adaptable. Companies offering financial or legal services can use a video to explain more complicated information and build trust by giving your brand an authoritarian voice, whilst retail businesses can showcase their products, their premises and their helpful staff. Other businesses which may find online video a very useful tool include venues such as bars, restaurants and hotels as customers are now keener than ever to see where they will be staying or visiting before they arrive.
When you have decided that an online video is for you, you then need to find a company which will help you bring your vision to life. There are a number of video production companies out there offering services, so businesses can shop around and look for a company that will really offer you the service you want. Businesses such as Vidify specialise especially in video production corporate customers will really want, at an affordable price. With Vidify, there are two standard packages available as well as a bespoke service, and your film-maker also acts as project manager so you have a dedicated contact throughout the process. For more information on the services provided by Vidify and to see examples of their work, visit